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Will of Christopher Blake, Felmonger, Bourne, Lincolnshire - The National Archives PROB 11/721, probated 18 Nov 1742

Christopher Blake the testator names his son Christopher Blake in his will. His wife is named Bridget Blake.

Interestingly, Bourne is in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire (Butterwick is also in this area). The earlier will of 1566 for John Blake at Butterwick should certainly be considered looking at Christopher Blake although nearly two hundred years later.

Children baptized to Christopher Blake at Bourne (Find My Past):

Charles Blake baptized Mar 1718
Christopher Blake baptized 27 Dec 1722
Elizabeth baptized 6 Apr 1724; buried 3 Jan 1736
Mary Blake baptized 26 Oct 1726
Bridget Blake baptized 13 Nov 1728

A Christopher Blake is listed as a Master Fellmonger on the Apprenticeship documents for Bourne Lincolnshire in 1730. (Find My Past)

There was a burial for Mrs Blake 11 Jul 1743 at Bourne. There is a burial for Christopher Blake 14 Sep 1749 at Bourne Lincolnshire.  (Find My Past)

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 21 Jan 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/721
Name of testator: Christopher Blake, Felmonger
Place: Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated 20 Oct 1742, probated 18 Nov 1742

[In margin] Testam[ent] Jo Blake

1    In the name of god Amen
2    I Christopher Blake of Bourne in the County of Lincoln
3    Felmonger being sick in Body but of sound and disposing
4    mind and memory praised be God do make and ordain this
5    my last Will and Testament as follows I give and bequeath
6    to my Wife Bridget Blake the furniture of my best parlour
7    and also one annuity of Six pounds payable every year unto
8    my said Wife for her Life at Two Equal payments in the year
9    that is to say at Lady Day and Michaelmas the first payment
10    to be made at the first of these days next happening after
11    my decease the said Yearly Sume or annuity to be paid by
12    my Executor as hereafter mentioned Item all the Goods Chattells
13    Credits and Personal Estate I give and bequeath unto Mr
14    John Pare of Bourn aforesaid by Trust that he pays the
15    said Annuity in the first place to my said Wife my just debts
16    being first paid and the residue thereof the said John Pare
17    to be accountable for unto my Son Christopher Blake at his
18    age of one and Twenty years soe my said Son giving proper
19    security to the good liking of the said John Pare to pay the
20    said annuity to my said Wife for her Life as aforesaid and
21    then I appoint my said Son Sole Executor and Residuary Legate
22    of this my Last Will and Testament the said John Pre being paid
23    all charges and Expences in and about the Execution of this my Will
24    hereby revoking all former Wills by me made Witness my hand and
25    seal this twenty sixth day of October one Thousand Seven hundred
26    and Forty Two Christopher Blake his Mark Signed sealed published
27    and declared by the said Testator as and for his last Will and
28    Testament in the presence of us Mrs Foster William Phillips
29    This Will was proved at London on the Eighteenth
30    day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven
31    hundred and Forty Two before the Right Worshipfull John Bettesworth
32    doctor of Laws and Master keeper or Commissary of the prerogative
33    Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of John pare the
34    Executor named in the said Will to whom was granted administration
35    of all and singular the Goods Chattells and Credits of the said deceased
36    being first sworn by commission duly to administer the same

Will of John Blake, Burgess, Grantham, Lincolnshire - The National Archives PROB 11/27, probated 28 Jul 1539

The testator John Blake mentions his wife Margaret, his son William and his daughter Agnes. He is a Burgess in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

A search on Google revealed that there was a Blake family at Grantham in the mid 1700s and in the mid 1800s. He was a perpetual commissioner.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 20 Jan 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/27
Name of testator: John Blake, Burgess
Place: Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 22 Jul 1539, probated 28 Jul 1539

[In margin] Testam[ent] Jo Blake

1    In the name of god Amen In the yere of our Lorde god a Thousand five hundredth
2    and xxxix the xxij day of June I John Blake of Granth[a]m in the Countie of Lincoln Burgess hole of mynde and
3    memory and partely sike and feble of body do make my Last Will and testament in manner and form following First
4    I bequeath my soule unto the mercy of almighty god And my body to be buried within the Chantre greve of Corpus
5    Christy within the parish of the Church of Grantham Also I geve and Bequeath for my mortuary as the Lawe will admit
6    Also I geve to the high awter of Grantham Church iij s iij d Also I geve to the Reparacions of Grantham Church xx j s
7    Also I bequeath to William Blake my sonne all my lands as well purchased as inheritage Lands Provided alwayes
8    that yf I or myn executor can favourably have paid three hundredth marks due unto me for the dowery of my
9    wife marrage that then my wife to have her Joynter of my purchasest Lands for the terme of her lyfe according to my
10    promise made to her in that behalf And for lack of payment of the said two hundredth marks I will my said purchasest
11    Lande to remayne to Willim my sonne and to the heires of his body lawfully Begotten And for lack of heires of
12    his body lawfully Begotten I will my hole Landes do Remayne to Agnes Blake my doughter and to the heires of
13    her body lawfully Begotten Also I will by the consent and assent of Margaret my wife that all the costs and charges
14    of the law for the getting and obteyning of the said two hundredth marks Before named Be borne of my hool goods
15    Also I do geve to Richard Sey fyftene pounds by goods for his childs parte Which I have in governance Also
16    I do geve to Agnes Blake my Doughter twenty pounds which I do owe unto her for the sale of a howse Also I doo
17    geve to Alice Yats £vl Also I do geve to Thomas Sey iij li vj s viij d which I do owe unto him for his Childs parte
18    Those Bequests and debts before named I will they be delivered and paid of my hooll goods And the Residue of my goods
19    Remayning I will be divided in thre parts The first parte I give and bequeath to Margaret my Wife The second parte I
20    geve to William Blake my sonne and to Agnes my doughter to be equally devided betwixt them The third parte of my
21    goodes I will be disposed for the helth of my soule as hereafter foloweth I will at my Buriall day the seventh day and
22    the thirty day be gevyn where need is xx s every day The Residue of my third parte I geve to William Blake my son
23    to dispose for the helthe of my soule as he thinketh best Which William Blake I do make my full Executor And I Will
24    that master William Grifton of London and John Harmstronge of Grantham be Supervisors and to se the performance
25    of this my Last Will and testament And to helpe my sonne William in everything usefull And I give to the sam Wm
26    Grifton for his paines foure marks And to the said John Harmstronge for his paynes taking xiij s iiij d
27    and charges born whersoever they shalbe called for the performance of this my last Wille Those Bering Witness
28    Master Richard Aleyn Thomas Leye Robert Taillone William Patyinson John Harmstrong William Mens Richard
29    Sharp with other mee J
30    Probatum fuit testamentum suprascripti defuncti xxij die mensis Julij Anno domini Millesimo quingentismo
31    xxxix apud London coram dno _cte dni mri Regis Iuramento Willm Blake executoris cui commissa fuit
32    marat etc approbatum et insinuatum et comissa fuit administracio omnium et singulorum bonorum jurm creditorium
33    dei defuncti prefato Executori de bene et fidelities administrand Ac de pleno et fideli Inventario die post
34    festum sancti fidis proximo futurum exhibendo Necnon de plano et vero compoto reddend Ad Sancta dei Evangelia
35    in debita iurus forma jurat

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John Blake, yeoman, Butterwicke, Holland, Lincolnshire - The National Archives PROB 11/38

John Blake of Butterwicke, Lincolnshire, is the testator. He names his sons George Blake and Rauf Blake and his daughters Jenett Blake, Alice Gybson, Kathryn and Johane. His wife is unnamed. He separates the daughters into two sets for some reason – Jenett by herself and then Alice, Kathryn and Johane are often listed together. He names Peter Gybson, John Pysshe, George Pysshe and Peter Pysshe and they are perhaps grandsons.

Checking on Find My Past a simple search of Blake and Lincolnshire yields 6897 records with 1652 births/baptisms, 1,490 deaths and 1,546 marriages/divorces. There are 9 Wills and Probate (all from the 1800s).

Family Search has 269 results for Blake between 1500 and 1566 although none for any of the family members listed in the will.

His property appears extensive but tends to be small plots of land around the Butterwicke area in Lincoln.

Freston mentioned in the will is perhaps Frieston in modern spelling.

The probate is to come; still working on that as it is an unusual one.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 17 Jan 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/38
Name of testator: John Blake, yeoman
Place: Holland, Lincolnshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated 1 Feb 1555/6, probated 2 Nov 1556

[In margin] Testam[ent] Joh[ann]is Blake

1    In dei nomine Amen The first daye of Februarie yn the yere of our
2    Lord god one Thousande five hundredth fiftie and five I John Blake of Butterwicke
3    in the parish of Holland in the Countie of Lincoln yoman being in then prefect of
4    deed mynde and perfect remembrance (thanckes be to Almightie god) do make this my laste
5    Will and Testament in manner and forme following First I bequeath my soule to Almightie
6    god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyarde of Butterwicke
7    aforesaid and for my mortuary as the Lawes of this Realme shall price Item I bequeath
8    to the High Aulter of Butterwicke vij d Item to the churche werk of Butterwicke vj s vij d
9    Item to the churche of Lincoln xj d Item I bequeath to Jenett Blake my doughter
10    Twentie pounds of Lawfull money of England to be paide to her by myne Executour at
11    suche tyme as she shall require the same after my decease Item I bequeath to my said
12    doughter Jenet the Bedd that I lye oon standing three Brasse pottes two of the Best
13    except 1 six pewter t[um]blers that is to saye three of the best and thre of the seconde _____
14    my best p___d two of my best kyne one payre of lynnen sheets and one payer of hardy
15    Item I will that George Blake and Rauf Blake my sonnes have my lease that I have
16    of Mr Frotherby during the yeres that I have yet to come equallie to Be divided betwixt
17    them Item I give to Peter Gybson John Pysshe George Pysshe and Peter Pysshe to either
18    one of them one _earling Item I bequeath to Alice Gybson my doughter twentie marks of Lawfull
19    money of England to be paid to her hoosbande by myne Executor yf so be the soofficient be given to
20    her as John Gybson his father dyd promys or els this my yssie to be made and yf no son produced
21    _______ and it is my very Last Will (that if the said John Gybson have given as unto my said doughter
22    her soofficient according to his promys Then I will the said twentie marks shalbe paide by myne
23    Executors unto the saide Thomas Gybson within two yeres next after my decease) Item I bequeath to
24    George Blake my sonne one Browne mare one Iron graye mare two yonge geldings suche as Rauff
25    my sonne will appoynte to Sixe mylch kyne and three pounds six shillings and eight pence of
26    Lawfull monye of England to bye hym aplinghe and ____ ______ The residue of all my goodes
27    and chattels Iron plate and wode money in this my last will and testament not given nor Bequeathed
28    I give and Bequeath to Rauf Blake my sonne whom I ordyne and make of this my last will and
29    Testament my sole Executor
30    This is the laste Will and testament of me
31    the above named John Blake made the daie and yere abovesaide for and concernyng the dispossing
32    of all my Landes tenements and hereditaments within the Countie of Lincoln or els where within the
33    Realme of Englande First I will and Bequeath to George Blake my sonne my house in the C[ount]ie and with
34    one acre grounde that yt standed on one berin  ___ corn grounde that yt standeth on two acres
35    half acre a Rode of grounde lying there that I Bought of Mr Fotherby And one acre ____ that
36    Lease of theroft of John Gylbert Item three rodes of Acrall lande of the same grounde that hath
37    and crose three acres of Arrable land lyeinge in Lyversell one acre in Crowne Acres halfing one at
38    Jordey Iscott  and more at Gendomes one acre called _tting Rigg one acre in Ortand  three rodes in
39    Chert north Landes and further on Bothe sides on the waye thre rodes in Looster shallbe one acre helde
40    ____ five rodes in short co__st horses three rodes in Gostreet two acres butting of the Indith waye
41    and three Acres of woode in Frieston To have and to holde the said messuages _____ all and singular
42    other the premises and thappurtenances unto the said George and his assignes during his life naturall
43    and after his decease I will that thene half thereof remayne to Rauff my sonne and to the h[ei]res of his
44    bodie Lawfully begotten And also I will that theother half of the premises after the decease of my
45    said sonne George shall remayne to Kathryn Alice and Johane my doughters equallie to be
46    divided amongst them and to the right heires of their bodies lawfully begotten Item I give
47    to Rauf Blake my sonne all my Lande that I bought within Leversey that is to saye Lande
48    under and pasture with theappurtenances Item one acre in Boyholm lying in Butterwicke
49    two several places five acres in Bradycrose elevyn acres of performed grounde in Derthalm
50    that I bought of Robert Lawes and John Colson oon acre and a half of lande that lyeth at
51    Putter well three acres inground two acres and half in Boollyrn half oon
52    acre at Hopcote hall four acres and three rodes at Butterwicke Ingapp and four acres that
53    lieth in the dale To have and to hold the said premises and every parcell thereof and thappurtenances
54    unto my said sone Rauf and to the heires of his bodie lawfully begotten And for default of suche
55    yssue to remayne to my said doughters Kathryn Alice and Johane and to their heires and assignes
56    for ever Item I give to Jenet Blake my doughter my house in the North end of Butterwicke called
57    Bille House with the grounde that it standeth on To have and to hold to her and to her heires of her
58    bodie lawfully begotten and for the default of suche Issue to remayne to Rauf my sonne and to the heires
59    of his bodie lawfully begotten And for default of suche office to remayne to Kathryn and Alice
60    my doughters and to their heires and assignes forever In witness whereof to this my last will and
61    Testament I have subscribed my name and sette my hand the daye and yere above written
62    in the presence of Richard Dowse of Frieston Willyam Bower of the same James Pollynson of
63    of the same William Ketchin of Butterwick Richard Cooke Vicar of the same parishe
64    and other more John Blake

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Traffic on blog, Will Transcriptions and DNA for Blake family

I am noticing that the traffic on my website has increased tenfold this past six months. Not sure why and must admit that I do not mind at all. The whole purpose in transcribing these wills was to make them available to everyone and assist in understanding the Blake families in the British Isles.

It is a learning curve for me to come back after a two year absence and maintaining one will a day will not always be possible (George Blake's will of 1847 took me three days to transcribe as my life has changed a great deal this past two years - my time has become much more chopped up through the days than it was a few years back).

Today I am working on a will from 1556 and it is two pages long so a rapid transcription is not very likely! It is fun to be back though and I have no regrets on the time that I have spent on the Cornwall Blake family. The work that I have done will be archived with the Guild of One Name Studies at some point in the future. Not publishing it on my blog is a good decision I think. I do not live there; I am not descendant of this family so will not publicly reveal the trees that appear to follow logically from the parish records, census and wills.

The yDNA study for the Blake family continues to grow albeit slowly. As more and more people test a clearer picture will emerge of particular founding families in the British Isles. For sure new lines have formed over time due to acquisition of the name for various reasons and not the expected parent better known as non paternal events. Being able to isolate those founding families that can be traced back into the 1100s and 1200s though is most intriguing and I hope that as the yDNA study grows more can be learned about these lines.

The Family Finder results are becoming quite intriguing as small groups of related peoples have now joined the study. The potential of autosomal testing to link one to a family is somewhat limited but does appear to be helpful back to fifth cousins in a meaningful way. Not everyone knows all of their fifth cousins so the value of Family Finder can surely be seen. Writing up results is more difficult as one must protect the anonymity of the individuals in the study. Gradually though there are a couple of studies that I hope to write up (with the help of other administrators of the project) in the Blake Newsletter.

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Will of Margaret Blake, Widow, Liverpool, Lancashire - The National Archives, PROB 11/2181, probated 4 Dec 1853

Margaret Blake, the testator, was married to George Blake (will transcription published earlier today) but no marriage was found (Margaret’s maiden surname of Steele was found on Family Search with the baptism of James).

George and Margaret Blake baptized their children at Oldham Street Presbyterian, Liverpool (records from Family Search):

Isabella born 19 Jun 1814 and baptized 31 Jul 1814
George born 10 Feb 1816 and baptized 18 Apr 1816
James born 30 Jul 1818 and baptized Aug 1818
William Blake born 16 Jun 1823 and baptized 29 Jan 1824
Margaret born 22 Dec 1826 and baptized 10 Feb 1827
Matthew born 6 Mar 1829 and baptized 21 Apr 1829

Isabella Blake married Arthur Oughterson and her son George Blake Oughterson was born 22 Nov 1837 at Liverpool and baptized 21 Dec 1837 at Oldham Street Presbyterian, Liverpool.

Margaret Blake married Henry Torrens Browne Jun quarter 1846 in West Derby Registration District (Liverpool is in West Derby). Record located on Find My Past.

An online website for the Stewart family notes that: Anne [Stewart], ….. baptized 30 Mar 1820 at St Peter’s Liverpool was married 9 Sep 1841 (verified on Find My Past) at St Peter’s, Liverpool,  to James who was the second son of George Blake and his wife Margaret (Steele) Blake. James Blake was baptized Aug 1818 at Oldham Street Presbyterian Church, Liverpool and owned soap works in Great George Square, Liverpool, which was later incorporated into Lever Brothers. He died circa 1872 and she died 6 May 1911 having had issue.
This particular record appears under John Stewart but it is difficult to follow on the website (John Stewart named as a JP, architect and surveyor) (a John Stewart is one of the trustees in the will below).

On Find My Past (Record set England Marriages 1538-1973) John Stewart is given as the father of Anne Stewart and George Blake as the father of James Blake. A second record in England Births and Baptisms 1538-1975 lists the baptism as 30 Mar 1820 at Liverpool for Anne daughter of John and Mary Anne Stewart.

The London Gazette, Part 2, 1847 on page 1509 notes: Richard Stevenson, Esq one of Her Majesty’s Commissioners authorized to act under a Fiat in Bankruptcy, bearing date the 31st day of December 1847, awarded and issued forth against George Blake and James Blake, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, and also of the city of Dublin, Soap Manufacturers, carrying on business under the firm of G. and J. Blake, will sit on the 27th day of June instant, at eleven in the forenoon precisely, at the District Court of Bankruptcy, in Liverpool, in order to make a Dividend of the estate and effects of George Blake, one of the said bankrupts; when and where the creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. (Google Book search)

Does this record point to a possible ancestry for Margaret Blake? Is she from Ireland originally (there is a soapworks attributed to her children (George and James Blake) in Dublin, Ireland)? There is a record in the 1841 census of Liverpool of a George Blake (independent) married to Margaret and with them James Blake (24 years) Merchant (born in Lancashire). Both George and Margaret are born in Ireland. They are living in Wavertree (District 9), Childwall, Lancashire. George is listed as 76 years of age and Margaret is 57 years of age on this census. Childwall is a suburb of Liverpool.

Margaret names her sisters in this will Isabella Mary Jessie Sarah and Jane so it could be possible to look at Irish records in Dublin but would be a rather time consuming task. Being interested only in the Blake line for the one name study I will pass on that one!

Using the new GRO Index for searching, the death of Margaret Blake December quarter 183 in Liverpool at the age of 63 years was located. Given her age of 57 years in 1841, 63 years of age in 1853 is quite reasonable and likely the census record above is correct for this Margaret Blake. It is also prior to the marriage of his son James who is living with them. However both Margaret, their daughter, and William and Matthew, their sons, are not with them on this census and are perhaps in school or visiting.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 16 Jan 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/2181
Name of testator: Margaret Blake, widow
Place: Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated 14 Oct 1853, probated 4 Dec 1853

[In margin] Margaret Blake 12
[top of page] Extracted from the Public Episcopal Registry of Chester

1    This is the Last Will and Testament of
2    me Margaret Blake of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster widow I
3    first direct payment of my debts funeral and testamentary expences I bequeath
4    to each of my domestic servants Elizabeth Bruce and Elizabeth Rows the sum
5    of five pounds I bequeath to each of my sisters Isabella Mary Jessie Sarah
6    Jane and to my kind friends Mary Murray and Mary Raze an article of
7    Jewellery as a token of my remembrance I bequeath to my daughter Margaret
8    Brown the contents of my wardrobe and wearing Apparel all articles belonging to
9    my late daughter Isabella the remainder of my jewellery my Epergne the
10    looking glass in my drawing room and the Royal glass in my bedroom I
11    bequeath to my son George such of the Family portraits as he may desire and
12    direct that the remainder of them shall be at the disposal of my executor
13    also to my son George his late Father’s watch I bequeath to my daughter
14    in law Anne Blake my Silver Tea Urn and six Silver salt Cellars and to my
15    son James I give the following books Johnsons Works, Davis Dictionary
16    Illustrated work on Botany and the Illustrated Shakespeere I bequeath
17    to my son William my bookcase and my wardrobe my large sized Tea
18    Coffee Pots the remainder of my books the stock of Wines, Spirits and malt liquor
19    existing in my Wine Cellar and I confirm my gift to him during my life of
20    £400 and request him to accept it in lieu of a disposition in his favour by this
21    my Will I bequeath to my Grandson George Blake Oughterson the sum of
22    £100 one hundred pounds and direct that his receipt shall be a sufficient
23    discharge to my executor I direct that my bed linen Silver and plates
24    shall be divided equally between my children George James William and
25    Margaret and that with respect to those Sketches that are indivisible my
26    executor shall cause a valuation to be made of them and that anyone of
27    my Children shall have the opportunity of purchasing such Article at their
28    valuation and that the purchase money shall lapse into the residue of my
29    estate and I direct that should any of my children desire any Article of
30    furniture he or she may have the opportunity of obtaining it on this prin
31    ciple After these dispositions are effected I direct my executor to cause all
32    remaining Articles of furniture and property of every occupation to be sold
33    and converted into money all debts due to me to be seized the balance of
34    the legacy due to me under my late husbands Will to be received and to
35    make a final disposition of my property by dividing the sum appearing to
36    bring to my estate into four equal parts one fourth part is to be paid
37    to my son George, two such fourth parts are to be paid to my son James
38    Blake and one remaining fourth part to my daughter Margaret Browne
39    to be for her own sole use and disposal and free from the control of her husband
40    and the receipt of my daughter shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor
41    I nominate and appoint James Blake my son to be sole Executor of this
42    my Will which I make and publish this fourteenth October 1853
43    Margaret Blake In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
44    seal the day and year above written in the presence of Hy T Brown
45    Bicker Liverpool Elizabeth Bruce
46    In the Consistory Court of Chester
47    In the Goods of Margaret Blake deceased
48    the twenty second day of November 1853
49    Appeared Personally Henry Torrens Browne
50    of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Broker Elizabeth Bruce of No 23
51    Fleet Street Liverpool aforesaid Spinster and James Blake of Mount Plea
52    sant Liverpool aforesaid Son and Manufacturer and being sworn upon the
53    holy Gospels made oath as follows And first these deponents Henry Torrens
54    Browne and Elizabeth Bruce for themselves say that they are the subscribed
55    witnesses to the last Will and Testament of Margaret Blake late of Liverpool
56    aforesaid Widow deceased bearing date the fourteenth day of October 1853 and
57    hereto annexed that they were present on the said fourteenth day of October
58    and saw the said Margaret Blake deceased duly execute the same as and for
59    her last will and Testament by signing her name Margaret Blake at the
60    foot or end thereof as it now appears and these deponents did then in the
61    presence of the said Testatrix and each other set and subscribe their names
62    thereto as witnesses as they now appear And they further made oath that
63    having now carefully viewed the said will they are unable to depose whether
64    the words written on erazures in the seventh line from the top of the first
65    page of the said Will that is to say the words “Elizabeth” and “five” were
66    written or not previous to the execution thereof and this deponent James
67    Blake for himself saith that he is one of the executors appointed by the said
68    Will and the writer thereof and that the words “Elizabeth” and “five” written on
69    the erazures deposed to were so written by him previous to the execution of
70    the said Will exactly as they now appear and that no alteration whatever has
71    been made in the said Will since the execution thereof H T Browne
72    Elizabeth Bruce James Blake Sworn at Liverpool by the said Henry
73    Torrens Browne Elizabeth Bruce and James Blake the day and year aforesaid
74    Before me H Pollock Surrogate
75    On the twenty fifth day of November one thousand eight hundred and fifty
76    three the Will of Margaret Blake late of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster
77    Widow deceased was Proved at Chester in common form of Law by James
78    Blake the sole Executor of this my Will The right of every person being
79    saved and time allowed to exhibit an inventory H Raikes Registrar
80    Proved at London 4th December 1853 before the Judge by the Oath of
81    James Blake the son the sole Executor to whom Admon was granted having
82    been first sworn by Comon duly to Administer