Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wills for the Blake family

I will once again return to blogging the will of the Blake family completing the last two that I have from the Gloucestershire Record Office:

William Blake 1804 Dursley
William Blake 1820 Prestbury

It is nearly two years since I left my wills project and a year and a half since I looked at my census project. I intend to return to both and will be blogging the wills on my blog commencing the beginning of January. Whether or not I will publish the legacy charts that I produce from the census and parish records remains ambivalent in my mind.

To date no one in the Cornwall Blake family which traces back to the 1500s in the parish registers has tested their yDNA and has joined the Blake yDNA project. The presence of a Blake from Breton in Cornwall prior to the beginning of the parish registers is very interesting but it is not my family so I hesitate to make statments with regard to the ancestry of the Blake family there without DNA evidence. I will however produce the charts for the study and when I retire they will be archived with the Guild of one name studies.

I will be publishing the Blake Newsletter, Volume 6 Issue 1 in early January (possibly the first as usual).

Monday, December 5, 2016

Pincombe-Pinkham Newsletter

I had not downloaded the image of the family charts produced by the earlier researchers so did not realize their quality. I have now done so and will work at improving the quality of the images in the newsletters. The pages are half of a bulletin board size so can not be scanned on my home scanner readily. A different type of photography might work. They are quite legible for me and I have put a couple of them into Legacy. Gradually I will add that to the relevant newsletter as I am able to enter the material into Legacy. I am using Find My Past to verify all the material (and Ancestry) so that dates may not always agree with the original charts.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Pincombe-Pinkham Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2016

Pincombe-Pinkham Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 1, 2016

Table of Contents
1.   Pincombe Charts, original One-Name Study at the Guild of One-Name Studies
2.   Will of Bartholomew Pincombe, South Molton, Devon
3.   Autosomal DNA study
4.   North Molton Parish Records (Part 1)

1.   Pincombe Charts, original One-Name Study at the Guild of One-Name Studies
The chart in this issue is labelled Great Torrington. The name of the individual at the top of this particular chart is Steven Pincombe said to be born in 1596 and married to Edith Blagden the 10th November 1621 at St Giles in the Wood. The names that appear at the very top of this chart are the individuals who provided material for this chart. Thus far I have not done any publishable work on this Pincombe family at Great Torrington. There is a family lore that places the ancestor of this family at South Molton prior to 1596. The original parish registers for St Giles in the Woods lists this marriage: Steeven Pencombe and Edith Blagdon married the 10th of November 1621. Who was Steeven Pencombe? Pencombe was the spelling used by the Pincombe family at North Molton (my ancestor was Thomas Pencombe and his wife Johane (surname unknown). The Pincombe/Pyncombe spelling was used towards the end of the 1500s in the North Molton area. According to this chart Steven and Edith Pencombe named their children Matthew, Thomas, John and Henry and they are said to be born at Beaford. Again you must not take this chart as being verified by me; I share it because it exists. I have done some work on it and eventually hope to share some of that material with the study.